Zoe Konez guitar

Welcome to the creative world of Zoe Konez, a multi-instrumentalist and innovative guitarist, songwriter and producer.

Based out of her home studio in London, UK, Zoe explores a myriad of unusual instruments and interesting sounds.

From dusting off an old Appelacian dulcimer to sampling the sound of ringing glass bottles, her creativity is as intriguing and diverse as the songs she releases.

Zoe takes inspiration from her musical heroes such as Imogen Heap and St. Vincent, creating layered vocals and honey-like harmonies supported by rich, cinematic swells, with her music resting somewhere between acoustic-pop and indie-folk.

Zoe Konez guitar

Exploring themes like wanderlust in Echo, and social media pressures in We Got Lost, her songs are tinged with a contagious optimism, leaving you feeling encouraged and upbeat.

Known for her captivating style of guitar-playing, she has drawn comparisons with Kaki King and Tash Sultana and has been championed by the likes of BBC 6 Music and Clash Magazine and has featured on Spotify’s influential Out Now LGBTQ playlist.

Zoe Konez live The Finsbury, London

As part of a wave of artist entrepreneurs, Zoe has forged her own path in the music industry, ensuring she remains free to experience the joy of writing, recording, producing and releasing music on her own creative terms. As part of this spirit she has created a Backstage Club on Patreon where she shares her songwriting process, sends out merchandise and demo songs, and goes live every month for an acoustic livestream.

Zoe Konez live guitar King's Place London

Zoe has a deep awareness of the therapeutic effects of music for people living with ill health and when she’s not in her studio she runs a music for mental health programme in London, which uses songwriting and music production to help people express themselves and connect and collaborate with others in a powerful and healing way.

Along with best friend Sarah Smith, Zoe is also one half of electronic synth-pop duo CATBEAR.

You can find all Zoe’s music on your favourite music platform by clicking below.