I want to tell you about the rather magnificent show we’re putting together for July 20th, and why I’ve chosen to do it like this.

The bones (sorry) of it are:

On Wednesday 20th July Will and I will play at the beautiful Camden venue The Green Note, where we will launch our new single ‘Bones’.
We’ll play a a set of songs, and invite some other musicians – Kimberly Anne, Adrian Roye and Antonio Lulic, to share the stage, playing a mixture of their own songs and collaborations, which are being composed in the month before the show and performed for the first time that night.

The most exciting part of this show is the chance to collaborate with some fantastic musicians, and here’s why I’ve decided to do it.

I’ve always thought it much more special to share a show with other musicians.
When I lived in Hastings, a local musician said to me at a poorly-attended but enjoyable gig “It’s been so nice to play with other musicians that I like. At least if no-one is there we get to catch up and play together.”
This inspired me to start Listen Acoustic Night, which when I moved to London became Stop Look Listen.
Will and I have run our monthly music night for over 5 years and hosted hundreds of musicians, either local to the London music scene or travelling through from another country. It’s been an amazing journey or meeting and making friends, of new friendships made through audience members.
Certain elements of the events mean that we hopefully make each night special. A whole line up of musicians who connect. Whose fans stay and enjoy the other acts, and come along again to another show.

My ‘day job’, as you may know, is varied but generally runs around the theme of musical connection, building community and creative expression through music, in lots of different settings with all ages and types of people.

I’ve written songs since I was 11 years old, and it’s generally been an activity I immerse myself in alone, although being a part of Cat Bear Tree meant more group creativity, and I learnt that sometimes even just the energy of three different people in a room can change the direction and sound of a piece of music and fire life into it.

Recently i’ve had a stronger urge to collide these worlds – hosting lovely music nights, playing music with people I might not usually, composing together and sharing the creative process.
And surely this fun can be extended not just through the performers at the event but to the audience as well? I hope so. I hope that on July 20th you will trust in the music you know and like from us all, and receive with open ears the music we are about to make together for this special show.
And who knows, if it goes well, perhaps this could be the start of a series of similar shows?

I’ve said enough for now, but I’ll be back here to write more thoughts on the project, and to keep you updated between now and July 20th.

I hope you can make the show, it would mean so much to see some smiley faces at this one!

Zoe x

p.s. here’s the ticket link! bit.ly/zkgreennote

Zoe Konez Green Note gig poster