We Do What We Can

1. We’ll Be Back Champions 02:11
2. We Do What We Can 03:16
3. A Hand To Hold 03:13

Will (yes that one) and Alex, known on their blog as 2WalkTo, are two good friends of mine who are as I write, walking from London to Devon to raise money for 2 charities that mean something to them.

Read about why they are doing it, and if you’re reading before 5th April, track their progress live, at 2walkto.blogspot.co.uk.

After chatting to Will and Alex about their adventure I felt inspired and wrote 3 songs in a day.

I decided I would record them myself at home and put them out to the world to promote their trip.

You can download the tracks for free if you wish, but if you do donate any money, I will give it to Will and Alex to donate to their two chosen charities.

Writen, performed and recorded by Zoe Konez
Mixed by Zoe Konez and Marina Tiffeny

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