Big news for little me!

I’m just sitting feeling in awe of the mass of Instagram video views, likes and comments on my little Instagram video snippet of a new song. As I write it’s had over 500 likes and 3000 views since I posted it yesterday, and I’m trending in the #acoustic #singersongwriter and #acousticguitar catgories.
I’m so boosted by it, and it particularly encourages me to play guitar more and share it.

This has come at a great time – this week is my last week of working Monday to Friday, in admittedly wonderful and consistently enlightening music industry related jobs, but it’s really tricky to keep playing, creating, recording, not to mention booking gigs and all the other admin that comes along with being an artist when you work other jobs too.

So this Summer my plan is to spend time developing my writing, playing and production skills, collaborating and being open to new pathways within the world of being a musician. I might be a little poorer, but this is what I love doing, so it’s time I started doing it more often.

I’ll continue, along with a couple of other things, to facilitate my lovely group of singers with respiratory conditions, and to play music in hospitals with Wishing Well Music – both these things I absolutely love and keeps me feeling humble and privileged to be a musician with the opportunity to share music with others.

Thanks for reading, thanks for sticking with me, see you soon! 😀 xx

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