I have been thinking for a while, how to make gigs a bit ‘more’. I can give it my emotion, of course, I can write decent songs, arrange them well, all the usual stuff you expect and that I will always develop in, but what else?

I’ve talked before about how playing a gig alongside other musicians expands the joy of presenting your music to a room (a room unique every time, unpredictable in reaction) is more comfortable and rewarding an experience shared with a kindred musical friend. (As in a recent gig where us and another act got told on arrival that despite selling many tickets in the week before the gig, the venue decided they’d prefer to close early and go home that day. After a heated discussion we managed to get them to let us stay and play for the people who had come to see us, before we drove the 150 miles home. Without naming the venue or fellow performer, I think the fact that we were in it together got us through what turned out to be a rather successful, if mind-boggling, gig experience!)

I’ve also found it inspiring and challenging over the years, to be placed on a stage before or after the most captivating performers. Particularly after I first moved to London. I felt encouraged to ‘up my game’ after witnessing some performances at small music venues by unknown artists which rival shows I’ve seen in large auditoriums.
I love London.This city and the people in it are amazing!


Connecting. With each other, with listeners.

This is so well explained by Amanda Palmer in her book “The Art Of Asking” (A great concept and book title because, yes, so many of us people, artists, struggle with this balance of creating art and then paying their way in living whilst continuing creating more art).

Amanda Palmer - The Art Of Asking BookAmanda brilliantly breaks down the artistic process of:

“Collecting the dots. Then connecting them. And then sharing the connections with those around you. This is how a creative human works.
Collecting, connecting, sharing.”

I love this statement, and I love the challenge of introducing other people into
my creative process, either at the collecting, connecting or sharing stages. I realised recently re-reading that description, that my idea for this show, where I meet with other musicians I respect and love, assemble ideas together and present them freshly to an audience, is my way of expanding and opening out this process, welcoming random and unpredictable influences and energies to collide, and that’s super exciting.


More on how I get on in my writing sessions with the other musicians, very soon.

In the meantime –
Here’s the 20th July show ticket link! bit.ly/zkgreennote

Here’s a link to Amanda Palmer’s Ted Talk, which went on to inspire her book.